Flower Care

Flower Tips

Amore Flowers suggest that you adhere to these essential FLOWER CARE suggestions to make sure your flowers stay happy and healthy for longer!

Did you know that the first 24 hours from the distribution is the most essential period, impacting the longevity of your flowers as they process 50 % of the water they need to hold up against during this time?

Drive directly house, don’t stop for a lengthy lunch and keep your flowers in the hot car – go directly home! Position your flowers on the ground of the car or anywhere out of the sun and in a cool area.

If it’s hot put the air conditioner devices on. Cut flowers are the most perishable horticultural product there is and it only needs 30 minutes or so out of water in hot conditions to cause long lasting harm.

Select the vase you wish to use and make sure it is clean. If it isn’t! Clean it out in the sink with soapy water, or even better, a little bleach in water. Now fill the vase with COLD tap water to an appropriate level, and add a sachet of flower preservative or another alternative to flower food.

Remove any leaves that may be submerged in the water from all flower stems on all varieties of flowers. Those leaves break down when left and cause decay thus reducing the life of the flowers.

Cut the stems at 45 degrees with a sharp blade or secateurs to allow the biggest surface area for consuming water. DO NOT use blunt scissors and DO NOT crush the stems in any way as this will harm the stem ends and restrict the use of water by the blossoms.

Make sure you top up the vase with water every day if needed. Acquire a complete change of water and add preservative every 3 days or so.


How to Choose Cut Flowers

Mindful choice is the key. Get the best, freshest bunch possible by taking a look at the stems. Consider how nice and clean the cut is and the colour of the stems nears the cut: are the stems black? If so, do not buy.

Are the stem bottoms blocked with white gooey stuff and have a smelly odour? If so, do not buy.

Is the water in the bucket cloudy or dark? If yes, you may want to look for some other products.

While you’re checking the stems, be careful not to drip water on the tops of other flowers and bouquets, for the reason that this promotes disease.


How To Care For Cut Flowers

Recut all stems approximately 2 to 3 (cm).

Keep flowers in a cool place but away from draughts and direct sunlight.

You may use a few drops of bleach and a spoonful of sugar as an alternative to flower food preservative.

Keep flowers away from fruits: fruits release a gas called ethylene, which accelerates the ageing process in cut flowers.

Keep flowers away from extreme heat and cold, examples: heaters, air conditioners, TV, microwaves and computers.


FLOWER CARE of Floral Foam Arrangements

Your arrangement should be kept in a cool spot and away from heat emitting appliances as mentioned above as well as away from direct sunlight, heat, fruit etc.

Check every day to see if the foam is soaked with water and you may add  flower food or another alternative to flower food in the water.


How To Care For Wedding Bouquets And Corsages

Place wedding bouquets in a container of water. Check that the stems of each flower in the bouquet are submerged in the water and that any ribbon or lace around the bouquet is outside the container and dry.

Spray wedding bouquet with a light layer of water. A mild apply of water will keep the flowers enhanced, plump and vivid.

Keep the wedding bouquets in a cool place overnight where it will remain upright and at a cool temperature. If possible, place wedding bouquets in the fridge. If you choose to chill your bouquet, let others in the house know that the flowers are in there to help do away with any accidents.

Spray corsages with a mild apply of water. Spray each flower in the corsage to keep it open and to help prevent it from wilting or diminishing. Since you can’t submerge corsages in a container like a full-size bouquet, if possible spray the ends of each corsage with water, since this will also keep the corsage looking fresh.

Store corsages overnight in a resealable plastic storage bag. After spraying the corsage with water, put it in the bag and seal the bag securely. Refrigerate corsages and lay the bags in a single flat layer in the fridge.

Include 1 or 2 pins for each buttonhole. Leave the pins out of the buttonhole when storing the flowers the night before to help keep them from wilting or dehydrating out. Place the pins in the storage bags with each buttonhole so that the member of the wedding party who will be wearing the buttonhole will have everything they need.

Label each storage bag with the name of the bridesmaid or groomsman that will be wearing flowers on the wedding day. This will make distribution easier and avoid misunderstandings on an already stressful day.