Meaning of Flowers

ACACIA Unseen devotion, elegance in old age, chaste devotion
AGAPANTHIS Secret devotion
AMBROSIA Your devotion is given back/returned
AMARYLLIS Pride, pastoral poems
ANEMONE Forsaken, dedication
ARBUTUS Thee only do I love
ASTER Symbol of devotion, daintiness
AZALEA Take care of yourself for me, temperance, delicate interest, Chinese icon of womanhood
BACHELOR   BUTTON Single blessedness
BLUEBELL Humbleness
CACTUS Endurance
CALADIUM Great joy and fulfilment
CAMELLIA Good luck gift for a man
CAMELLIA   (PINK) Wishing for you
CAMELLIA   (RED) You’re a fire in my heart
CAMELLIA   (WHITE) You’re awesome
CARNATION   (GENERAL) Fascination, lady devotion
CARNATION   (PINK) I’ll never neglect you
CARNATION   (RED) My heart pain for you, appreciation
CARNATION   (PURPLE) Capriciousness, unique
CARNATION   (STRIPED) No, being rejected, sorry I can’t be with you, wish I could be with you
CARNATION   (WHITE) Sweet and awesome, innocence, genuine devotion, females good luck gift
CARNATION   (YELLOW) You have frustrated me, being rejected
CATTAIL Peace, success
CHRYSANTHEMUM   (GENERAL) You’re an awesome buddy, cheerfulness and relax.
CHRYSANTHEMUM   (YELLOW) Slighted devotion
CROCUS Cheerfulness, gladness
CYCLAMEN Resignation and good-bye
DAFFODIL Respect, regard, unrequited devotion, you’re the only one, the sun is always glowing when I’m with you
DAISY Innocence, devoted love, I’ll never tell, purity
DANDELION Faithfulness, satisfaction
FERN Magic, interest, assurance and protection
FIR Time
FLAX Domestic icon
FORGET-ME-NOT True love, excellent remembrances
FORSYTHIA Anticipation
FREESIA Have faith in
GARDENIA You’re awesome, secret devotion
GERANIUM Absurdity, folly
GLADIOLI Give me a break, I’m really honest, flower of the gladiators
GLOXINIA Love at first sight
HEATHER   (LAVENDER) Admiration, satisfaction
HEATHER   (WHITE) Protection, desires will come real
HOLLY Defence, domestic satisfaction
HYACINTH   (GENERAL) Games and actions, rashness, flower devoted to Apollo
HYACINTH   (BLUE) Constancy
HYACINTH   (PURPLE) I am sorry, please forgive me, disappointment
HYACINTH   (WHITE) Loveliness, I’ll wish for you
HYDRANGEA Thank you for knowing, frigidity, heartlessness
IRIS Fleur-de-lis, emblem of France, your relationship indicates so much to me, believe in, wish, wisdom and valour, my enhances
IVY Wedded devotion, balance, relationship, interest
JONQUIL Love me, passion returned, wish, sympathy, need for closeness returned
LARKSPUR   (PINK) Fickleness
LILY   (WHITE) Virginity, purity, majesty, it’s awesome to be with you
LILY   (YELLOW) I’m strolling on air, incorrect and wrong
LILY   (CALLA) Beauty
LILY   (DAY) Coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother
LILY   (EUCHARIS) Maiden charms
LILY   (TIGER) Wealth, satisfaction
LILY OF   THE VALLEY Sweetness, tears of the virgin Mary, returning to satisfaction, humbleness, you’ve made my life complete, beauty, gaiety
MARIGOLD Cruelty, disappointment, envy
MISTLETOE Kiss me, interest, to surmount issues, sacred plant of India
MONKSHOOD Beware, a dangerous foe is near
MOSS Maternal love, charity
MYRTLE Love, Hebrew emblem of marriage
NARCISSUS Egotism, procedure, stay as awesome as you are
NASTURTIUM Conquest, success in fight
ORANGE   BLOSSOM Innocence, long amazing devotion, marriage and fruitfulness
ORANGE   MOCK Deception
ORCHID Love, elegance, improvement, awesome lady, Chinese symbol for many children, thoughtful, adulthood, interest
ORCHID   (CATTLEYA) Mature charm
PALM   LEAVES Triumph and achievement
PEONY Shame, pleased way of life, Pleased marriage
PETUNIA Resentment, rage, Your lifestyle sooths me
PINE Hope, bad
POPPY   (GENERAL) Eternal peace, oblivion, creativity
POPPY   (RED) Pleasure
POPPY   (WHITE) Convenience
POPPY   (YELLOW) Wealth, success
PRIMROSE I can’t stay without you
PRIMROSE   (EVENING) Inconstancy
ROSE   (BRIDAL) Happy devotion
ROSE   (HIBISCUS) Delicate elegance
ROSE   (LEAF) You may wish
ROSE   (PINK) Perfect satisfaction, please believe me
ROSE   (RED) Devotion, I love you
ROSE   (TEA) I’ll remember always
ROSE   (THORNLESS) Love at first sight
ROSE   (WHITE) Innocence and purity, I value you, you’re awesome, secrecy and silence
ROSE   (WHITE AND RED MIXED) Unity, flower emblem of England
ROSE   (WHITE-DRIED) Death is preferable to loss of virtue
ROSE   (YELLOW) Decrease of devotion, envy, attempt to care
ROSEBUD Beauty and youth, a heart innocent of love
ROSEBUD   (RED) Pure and awesome
ROSEBUD   (WHITE) Girlhood
ROSEBUD   (MOSS) Confessions of devotion
ROSES   (Bouquet of Mature Blooms) Thankfulness
ROSES   (Single Full Bloom) I love you, I am in love
SMILAX Elegance
SNAPDRAGON Deception, pleased lady
SPIDER   FLOWER Elope with me
STEPHANOTIS Contentment in marriage, wish to travel
STOCK Bonds of interest, promptness, you’ll always be awesome to me
SUNFLOWER Pride, sunlight
SWEETPEA Good-bye, creating, enjoyable satisfaction, thank you for a awesome time
TULIP   (GENERAL) Perfect lover, structure, flower emblem of Holland
TULIP   (RED) Believe me, announcement of devotion
TULIP   (VARIEGATED) Attractive eyes
TULIP   (YELLOW) There’s sunlight in your smile
VIOLET Modesty
VIOLET   (BLUE) Watchfulness, Commitment, I’ll always be true
VIOLET   (WHITE) Let’s take a chance
VISCARIA Dance with we
ZINNIA   (MAGENTA) Lasting desire
ZINNIA   (MIXED) Thinking (or in memory) of an absent buddy
ZINNIA   (SCARLET) Consistency
ZINNIA   (WHITE) Goodness
ZINNIA   (YELLOW) Daily remembrance